Letter Of Intent Merely Indicates A Party's Intention To Enter Into A Contract And Cannot Be Construed As A Binding Contract [Download PDF]

Date: 27th December 2021

An Arbitral Tribunal Is Not Empowered To Pass An Ex Parte Ad Interim Order [Download PDF]

Date: 13th November 2021

A Consent Decree Does Not Require Registration If It Confirms A Pre Existing Right In Property [Download PDF]

Date: 13th October 2021

The Contract Of Tenancy Is An Independent Contract Than The Joint Hindu Family Business [Download PDF]

Date: 28th August 2021

Dissenting Members Of A Co-Operative Society Are Bound By The Development Agreement As Their Identities Are Subsumed Into That Of The Society [Download PDF]

Date: 29th July 2021

Proving Of Wills In Suspicious Circumstances Before A Probate Court [Download PDF]

Date: 5th July 2021

Immovable Property Must Be 'Used Exclusively' To Fall Under The Commercial Courts Act: Supreme Court [Download PDF]

Date: 9th June 2021

Supreme Court Reiterates The Importance Of Right To Property As A Valuable Constitutional Right [Download PDF]

Date: 17th May 2021

An Agriculturist Is Debarred From Bequeathing Agricultural Land To A Non-Agriculturist Through A Testamentary Disposition [Download PDF]

Date: 28th April 2021

Contingent Clause In Rent Deed To Increase Rent Each Year Cannot Be Read To Mean That Tenancy Was For More Than A Period Of One Year [Download PDF]

Date: 19th January 2021

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