A Relief For Permanent Injunction Cannot Be Granted On The Basis Of An Unregistered Document Or Agreement To Sell [Download PDF]

Date: 17th December 2022

The MSME Act Would Only Apply When The Supplier Is A Registered MSME At The Time Of Execution Of Contract [Download PDF]

Date: 21st November 2022

A Power Of Attorney Is To Be Construed Strictly [Download PDF]

Date: 9th November 2022

The Surviving Joint Account Holder Of A Joint Bank Account Is Accountable To The Legal Heirs Of The Deceased First Holder Unless Otherwise Established [Download PDF]

Date: 17th October 2022

A Director Or Partner Cannot Be Held To Be Vicariously Liable For A Criminal Offence Under The Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881 (1) Merely Because Of Being A Director Or Partner Of The Company Or Firm And (2) In Cases Where The Company Or Firm As A Principal Offender Has Not Been Made An Accused In The Proceedings [Download PDF]

Date: 20th September 2022

Sale Deeds Executed Without Consideration Are Void [Download PDF]

Date: 22nd August 2022

Transfer Of Tenancy Right Does Not Mean Creation Of New Tenancy [Download PDF]

Date: 22nd July 2022

A Builder's Failure To Obtain An Occupation Certificate Amounts To Deficiency In Service Under The Consumer Protection Act, 1986 [Download PDF]

Date: 29th June 2022

A Karta Has A Right To Alienate Joint Hindu Family Property For Legal Necessity And Is Binding On Other Coparceners [Download PDF]

Date: 6th June 2022

The True Purpose Of Section 138 Of The Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881, Would Not Be Fulfilled, If The Term 'Debt Or Other Liability' Is Interpreted To Include Only A Debt That Exists As On The Date Of Drawing Of The Cheque [Download PDF]

Date: 31st March 2022

A Financial Debt Would Have To Be Construed To Include Interest Free Loans Advanced To Finance The Business Operations Of A Corporate Body [Download PDF]

Date: 9th March 2022

A Court's Jurisdiction Can Be Invoked In Cases Of Unconditional Bank Guarantee Only When There Is Irretrievable Injustice Or Not The Slightest Chance Of Recovery [Download PDF]

Date: 8th February 2022

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